About Us

Size, as is often said, isn’t everything. But it’s definitely something. The truth is, it’s a matter of perspective. And from where we stand, the view is pretty fantastic. Yes, we’re a small business but we’re big where it counts: in experience and knowledge and passion. That’s what’s taught us how to create and develop drinks brands. How to steer, nurture and shepherd them so they reach their potential. How to make them giants. Each of the brands you see here represents a collaborative partnership with a quality, craft-based business. And that means provenance, heritage, history. And the best part? We’re only getting started.

When We Are Giants is the sister company of the world renowned ‘Drinksology’, a specialist design studio working exclusively with the alcoholic drinks industry. To have such depth of understanding we rely not only on our studio’s contact within the industry but also on the knowledge attained through our renowned distribution division. This broad and unique platform allows us to ascertain what really sells and why. Add to this a flourishing portfolio of own and agency brands and you have a partner that really knows their onions... their vermouths, gins, whiskeys...

When We Are Giants remind customers to enjoy their products responsibly. But do enjoy them.