Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

During America’s rough and tumble early days, the term “bib & tucker” was used to describe your finest attire, the kind you’d wear to a wedding or special dance. Along those same lines of thinking, we’re putting forth our finest. Bib & Tucker is a delightfully smooth bourbon sporting notes of chestnut, and it’s crafted with a sense of dedication that can only come when you know you’re making something truly special. Bib & Tucker is double distilled, using an extended column still followed by an old- fashioned pot still. A lower than average barrel entry proof, lends itself to a more delicate flavour profile. The mash is not chill filtered in the traditional style of Tennessee bourbon.
A unique decision in this industry, we choose not to chill filter to produce bourbon with only the finest colour and taste. Aged in No. 1 charred American White Oak barrels for at least six years, the low char sets the stage for smooth, leathery bourbon. While the process for making bourbon has remained largely the same for hundreds of years, the real distinction comes in the ageing process and the expertise in blending. 

The mash is comprised of 70% Corn, 30% Small Grains (26% Rye and 4% Malt) with the grains having been harvested in late 2006 early 2007.

Taking cues from the name and the era in which the term was commonly used, Bib & Tucker takes the form of an enlarged amber flask, replete with a deeply embossed logo and scrolled embellishments.

The ornate hand-lettering, dark brown hemp thread and circular bobbin label-like sticker are all meant to underscore the fanciness of the attire that Bib & Tucker refers to. The tagline aptly sums up the bourbon, “Why it’s a fine time to drink.”