The Fierce Art of Tequila

Aztecs were among the most loyal, ferocious fighters in history. Victories and sacrifices were celebrated by drinking the sacred agave plant. This pasote spirit lives on in our matchless Jalisco Highlands tequila. Distilled with pure rainwater, natural spring water and agave grown personally by our master tequilero, this liquid art is distinctively herbal and incredibly pure. From the guerreros who guard each bottle to the exacting effort put into its content, we are certain you will revel in our tribute to warriors everywhere.

Using hand-forged tools, we pursue the venerable art of tequila making, led by third-generation master tequilero Felipe Camarena. Our Blanco is crafted from estate grown ripe blue agave. Before baking, the green hearts are taken out of each and every agave, which eliminates a vegetal taste and offers more sweetness. Once fermentation is complete it is then carefully double distilled with pure rainwater and natural spring water in 100% copper pot stills. With no glycerin, chemicals or flavours added, the result is pure handcrafted tequila.

The handmade bottle is crafted by a family of glass artisans, each one of our custom-made bottles is unique, with slight asymmetries and distinctive wave patterns visible in the glass. 

Our bold, hand-screened graphic features the Aztec sun god, Tonatiuh. Patron of warriors, he blessed humans with warmth and fertility but in return demanded live sacrifices.